We specialize in working with a wide array of technical organizations to transform their technical experts into masterful leaders and managers.

Our mission is to provide you with the support and guidance to remove the obstacles and challenges that are getting in the way of your organization’s success.

Here are some common problems we help our clients with:

Weak leadership is affecting your overall performance.

  • The leaders in your organization are masterful technicians and doers, but struggle to lead, motivate and coach their people. Thus, they are ineffective at mobilizing others to get results.
  • The tasks of leadership have exceeded the abilities and capacity of growing numbers of management and executive team members at a time when the burden of leadership is greater than ever before

Employee engagement and productivity is lackluster.

  • Your employees are not as productive as you need them to be and nowhere near as productive as they could be.
  • Veteran performers are becoming increasing complacent, ambivalent and apathetic about the missions of their organizations and their passion for their pursuit.
  • Bottom-line focus has shifted from growth to survival, deflating the egos of key staff members and undermining their resolve.

Conflict in the organization is a problem.

  • Managing change has proven to be a source of great struggle resulting in dissention, conflict and political posturing.
  • Your leaders avoid productive conflict altogether or handle it in passive-aggressive ways.

Lack of strategic planning and follow-through.

The lack of clear goals and strategies for future growth is having a negative impact on employee morale and is showing up in the bottom line. The projects that arise from your strategic planning initiatives are never as thoroughly implemented as they should be.

Turnover of key employees is too high.

  • Great employees are taking their talents elsewhere, leaving you with expanding vacancies in a climate of hiring freezes.

Your leadership team is operating in a dysfunctional way, exhibiting behaviors such as:

  • Hesitating to ask for help from each other or provide constructive feedback to each other.
  • Jumping to conclusions about the intentions of others without attempting to clarify them.
  • Avoiding discussing controversial topics that are critical to team success.
  • Wasting time and energy with posturing and interpersonal risk management.
  • Revisiting discussions and decisions again and again (…and again).
  • Missing deadlines and key deliverables.
  • Placing undue burden on the team leader as the sole source of accountability.

You’re behind plan on revenue and don’t know how to recover.

  • Your marketing efforts are not generating the quantity of inquiries and leads to meet your revenue goals,
  • Your sales force struggles to convert qualified prospects into clients
  • You know that your organization is not capitalizing on getting additional business and referrals from existing clients

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