With a tough economy and employee confidence at an all time low, today more than ever, businesses of every size need the strongest leaders and leadership teams they can build. Strong leadership involves being able to:

  1. Awaken and sustain desire in their followers
  2. Articulate a compelling vision
  3. Effectively mobilize the efforts of others, and
  4. Develop followers into leaders

An organization with leaders who achieve mastery in these four mission-critical activities will bear the fruits of higher employee morale, higher productivity, increased revenues and bottom-line profits.

Our Approach To Leadership Development

When we work with you, we follow these general steps in creating a customized solution that will best meet the needs of your leadership team and your organization.

Initial Consultation

We want to take time to know the issues you face and the results you desire to achieve before we propose a solution. We believe that every organization has different set of challenges and thus our solutions must be customized.
The initial consultation is the first step in understanding systemic leadership problems and the resulting effects and consequences.

ChangeWorks!® Profile

The ChangeWorks! Survey is our proprietary diagnostic tool that measures the “productive tension” your leaders have around specific mission-critical activities. We will work with you to develop he list of your specific activities that are critical for your leaders to execute in order to fulfill the mission of the organization.

The resulting survey will be given to your leadership team. The results of the survey will answer a crucial and powerful question: “How likely are your leadership team members to actually DO these mission-critical activities without any outside support or guidance?” [Read that again]

The results of the survey will also show us that if outside support and guidance is needed, what form should it take

Program Customization

From the ChangeWorks! Survey we will customize the ideal leadership development program for your team. The program will typically consist of any or all of the following elements:

  1. 360-degree Feedback Assessment
  2. Leadership Development Training Modules
  3. Executive Leadership Coaching
  4. Management Consulting

Mastering Leadership Core Competencies

In order to successfully achieve these goals, the leaders in your organization must master the following core competencies:

  1. Self-Awareness (What are my strengths and weaknesses? What makes me tick?)
  2. Communication Agility (How well do I adapt to others’ styles?)
  3. Emotional Intelligence (How do I impact others?)
  4. Influence (How effective am I at motivating others and selling my ideas?)
  5. Strategic Thinking and Decisionmaking (What is my process for making decisions in the most effective and timely way?)
  6. Engaging the Populous (How do I engage my team to maximize enthusiasm and productivity?)
  7. Change Agent (How do I create significant and meaningful change in my organization?)
  8. Conflict Proficiency (How do I proficiently navigate conflict – neither avoiding it or engaging in a destructive manner?)
  9. Mastering Accountability (How well do I hold myself and others accountable?)
  10. Developing Leaders (How do I coach and develop others in order to create leaders and greater leverage in the organization?)
  11. Increasing Productivity and Bottom-Line results (How do I make sure the organization gets a high ROI from my leadership?)

Most executives in leadership, especially in technical professions (financial institutions, insurance companies, pharamaceutical companies, accounting firms, etc.), have received little or no training to develop these core competencies. Our programs are specifically designed to bring content experts the knowledge and skills to be successful at the next level.