The Change Agent: Discover How To Master Influence and Change

This program introduces participants to the ChangeGrid®— our proprietary diagnostic instrument which reveals how well an individual or group is coping with the specific changes taking place in their personal and professional lives.

The program provides thorough instruction in the completion and interpretation of the ChangeGrid and explores over a dozen ways that executives, managers and individuals can use the ChangeGrid to focus their attention and fine-tune their approach for implementing change. Equipped with the insights the ChangeGrid provides, the participants are then able to influence and support the change process more effectively.

This is a truly unique training experience which goes far beyond the scope of typical change management programs. Rather than focusing on traditional goal setting and strategic planning activities at the executive level, The Change Agent turns its attention to the individuals who must make those changes happen — the managers charged with the responsibility of implementation. While other programs offer managers many insights into their employees’ attitudes toward change, The Change Agent concentrates on enhancing a manager’s ability to guide their employees during times of transition — to reduce their resistance and boost their productivity.