With a tough economy and employee confidence at an all time low, today more than ever, businesses of every size need the strongest leadership teams they can build — and to meet that challenge, leadership programs are everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, virtually every program’s actual focus is on basic supervisory and management skills — NOT the unique skills associated with true leadership.

In fact, the topic of leadership has become so broad it’s been diluted to little more than a generic buzzword. Along the way, the true role of a leader — and the true skills of leadership — have been lost under a pile of tasks more appropriately assigned to supervisory and management team personnel.

Pride-Based Leadership® takes a radically different approach, focusing on the five key skill areas that distinguish true leaders from all others. Specifically true leaders have the ability to:

  • author and articulate a compelling vision.
  • awaken and sustain desire in the hearts of their followers.
  • create and maintain an environment of pride.
  • mobilize and focus the efforts of others toward a clear destination.
  • identify and develop key followers into true leaders.