If you are a professional coach, trainer or  consultant, we have three powerful, cutting edge programs that have been time-tested in the corporate and entrepreneurial marketplaces:

1)  The ChangeWorks® method reinforces your position as the most insightful, effective and valuable practitioner your client will ever find. It provides rapid clarity for helping clients make change work.

2) MasterStream® is a breakthrough method for gaining buyer commitment using a natural, comfortable interaction for both buyer and seller. The result is an approach that sales professionals enjoy and actually use – all while eliminating soft rejections, buyer remorse and wasted time.

3) Pride-Based Leadership® takes a radically different approach from most leadership training programs, focusing on the five key skill areas that distinguish true leaders from all others. 

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Learn how to get certified in the most powerful coaching, training, consulting and change management system.  Remain ahead of your field and create longer-term, deeper client relationships to boost your profitability.


Move your clients beyond relationship selling to close more business faster.  Certification to become a trainer in this specialized sales program based on the powerful principles of Productive Tension Management®.


Certification to facilitate this robust leadership training program that focuses on the five true skills of a leader.