Precision Selling Techniques

Anchored on a customer-centered, ethics-oriented, non-manipulative philosophy, the MasterStream Method offers veteran and novice sales professionals alike a comprehensive system for assisting others in making the decisions they need to make — and taking action on those decisions in a timely fashion.

MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques© is designed especially for experienced sales and marketing professionals who wish to expand their repertoire of sales skills far beyond the basics.

All MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques© training programs are customized to meet the needs of each client.

As a result of attending, participants will be equiped to:

  • Understand the key role that productive tension plays in every sales situation.
  • Identify the level of productive tension each of their prospects is experiencing — and what issues serve as its source.
  • Monitor and manage each prospect’s level of productive tension throughout the entire sales process.
  • Create and deliver a strong opening statement that targets a prospect’s source of tension.
  • Formulate and pose a line of questions that stimulate productive tension while revealing important information.
  • Develop and deliver a focused, streamlined solutions presentation that optimizes productive tension.
  • Secure an objection-free commitment and protect the sale from post-meeting deal-stealers.
  • Enhance and expand the relationship with every client.
  • Gather more qualified referrals from the existing client base.
  • Profile their client base, prospect base and lead sources using productive tension as the key qualification.
  • Reduce the sales cycle to the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Increase their closing rate, making everyone much more money.
  • Effectively eliminate the key sources of frustration which prevent all sales representatives from building their businesses and enjoying their careers.