Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides focused, confidential and experienced support to successful leaders committed to the highest levels of competence, accomplishment, success and impact.

Business Growth Strategies works with individuals and their organizations looking for convenient, confidential, world-class assistance to:

  • Master leadership, communication and emotional intelligence competencies.
  • Move past plateaus and through blind spots.
  • Take a more strategic view of their careers and lives.
  • Grow from feedback.
  • Create and communicate a compelling future vision for themselves and their organizations.
  • Align their passions and strengths with their natural gifts.
  • Learn the skills and gain the insights needed to excel at the next level.
  • Thrive in change or transition.
  • Establish sustainable work/life integration.
  • Grow, evolve and generate transformational results in their lives and organizations.

Mastering Leadership Core Competencies

In order to successfully achieve these goals, the leaders in your organization must master the following core competencies:

  1. Self-Awareness (What are my strengths and weaknesses? What makes me tick?)
  2. Communication Agility (How well do I adapt to others’ styles?)
  3. Emotional Intelligence (How do I impact others?)
  4. Influence (How effective am I at motivating others and selling my ideas?)
  5. Strategic Thinking and Decisionmaking (What is my process for making decisions in the most effective and timely way?)
  6. Engaging the Populace (How do I engage my team to maximize enthusiasm and productivity?)
  7. Change Agent (How do I create significant and meaningful change in my organization?)
  8. Conflict Proficiency (How do I proficiently navigate conflict – neither avoiding it or engaging in a destructive manner?)
  9. Mastering Accountability (How well do I hold myself and others accountable?)
  10. Developing Leaders (How do I coach and develop others in order to create leaders and greater leverage in the organization?)
  11. Increasing Productivity and Bottom-Line results (How do I make sure the organization gets a high ROI from my leadership?)

Executives consistently get the personalized just-in-time, professional support and development they need to maximize impact, results and fulfillment.

Why Executive Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is the most effective modality of growth, training and development available. Unlike “one-size-fits-all” training, ($200 B. expended annually according to the ASTD of which TRAINING MAGAZINE estimates 50% is “utterly wasted”), coaching engages a client where they are, as a unique and accomplished individual. It focuses on what clients most need to learn, and then keeps a structure of regular support so new knowledge, insight and perspective can become new behavior.

Several studies on executive coaching (Manchester 2001, MetrixGlobal 2001) have demonstrated that a well-executed coaching program can achieve between 500% and 700% return on investment.

Application of Program

Studies have shown that over 93% of executives who have received executive coaching would recommend it to others. The areas where coaching has been the most beneficial include:

  • Teaching and building key leadership competencies.
  • Reducing executive isolation, facilitating increased feedback and growth, being a “sounding board” for new ideas.
  • Moving out of the urgent tactical issues to hold a more strategic view.
  • Building interpersonal skills and developing higher emotional intelligence.
  • Supporting the integration of 360-degree feedback recommendations.
  • Increasing managerial effectiveness.
  • Increasing productivity and time management.
  • Stress reduction and adjusting work / life balance.
  • Supporting executives in new positions.
  • Talent retention.
  • Increasing job satisfaction.
  • Building high performance teamwork.
  • Bottom line profitability.


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