The challenge for leadership teams when it comes to strategic planning is how to balance designing the strategy while simultaneously managing the strategic planning process.

We specialize in facilitating a clearly defined strategic planning process, creating the environment for your leadership team to develop a superior end product in an effective, efficient and engaging manner.

The process we use varies slightly from team to team, but these core principles are always present:

  • Taking inventory on the current state of affairs,
  • Defining the desired outcomes in a clear and measurable way,
  • Identifying the obstacles and challenges that exist or may be encountered,
  • Designing effective solutions to overcome these obstacles and challenges,
  • Defining the specific actions, timelines, resources and accountabilities, and
  • Follow up strategies and support to make sure the plan gets implemented in the desired time frame.


When you breakdown the performance levels of an organization, most companies look like this:

10% A players

15% B players

30% C players

40% D players

What if your organization was made up of only A and B performers? Want to guarantee you hire only A or B players?

Learn about our Top Performer Technology in this short 3 minute video

We help you get the right people in the right seats in your organization.


How Engaged Are Your Employees?

The phrase “perception is reality” is never more true than when observing how employees interact with each other and their employers on a daily basis. Having a clear and common understanding of employee perceptions offers enormous opportunities for performance improvement, leadership development and increasing your bottom line. We can help you create the employee perception survey process you need to discover what motivates your employees and gain valuable insights into the health of your organization.

The following are just some of the areas that can be measured in an effort to understand your organization’s current climate…

  • job perception
  • work environment
  • level of readiness and engagement to carry out mission-critical activities
  • quality efforts
  • customer commitment and relationships
  • management support
  • career advancement/opportunities
  • education and training
  • ability to improve work
  • overall understanding of the organization’s goals/priorities

How We Do It

We work with you to do all aspects of the surveying process, including:

  • survey design
  • survey execution
  • interviewing
  • facilitationg focus groups
  • data analysis
  • reporting
  • survey debriefing
  • developing a communication plan
  • strategic planning for next steps.

Our Research Tools Include:

Online Surveys:
Speed and convenience can often be the keys to market research success, and online surveying can give you both. We utilize powerful and cost-effective online tools (including our proprietary ChangeWorks Profile) to gather and manage survey data from around the world. Whether you need to reach a broad base of respondents quickly, or want to make an employee survey as convenient as possible for your own staff, we can develop and manage the online survey process for you.

Focus Groups:
There are times when there is more to be learned by bringing people together and encouraging interaction than by talking to them one on one. Our experienced moderators will lead your focus group in a way that generates interest in the topic, involves all participants and keeps the discussion on track to bring out the insights of the people whose opinions matter to you most. Focus groups provide an interactive setting in which participants are free to talk to other group members. This setting cultivates a wealth of qualitative information that will be used to produce a detailed report of group opinions and trends that are identified throughout the focus group process.

Sometimes, your information needs are too complex or the issues at hand are too sensitive to be addressed online or over the telephone. Situations like this may require someone to sit down across the table from your customers, partners, or employees. Our expert interviewers put people at ease and find out what’s really on their minds in a comfortable and confidential environment. We will take the time to get deep inside the issues and encourage frank and detailed discussions around issues that matter most.


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