"The ChangeGrid™ Video:
The Ultimate Client Acquisition and Coaching Tool"

"Find Out How You Can Use The World's Only Client-Driven, Activity-Specific Coaching and Management Tool To Help You Attract More Clients and Give Them Superior Results"

Are you a coach, consultant or trainer who would love to have a tool to:
  • Let you know precisely what your prospect's biggest problems are, BEFORE you even speak to them

  • Immediately identify areas of untapped potential and unrealized profits in your client's business, and

  • Know exactly how to help your client create the changes they need to make to get to the next level?

And what if this same tool helped you build your business in such a way that it:

  • Generated dozens of qualified leads each time you used it,

  • Easily helped you convert more prospects into clients,

  • Provided you with a distinct competitive advantage in the market place, and,

  • Added significant steams of revenue to your business?

Watch this Recorded Webinar that will introduce you to the ultimate coaching and change management tool: The ChangeGrid™


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What is the ChangeGrid™?

• The ChangeGrid™ is Client Driven! It allows your clients, with your guidance, to identify the activities that are most important to them and the steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

• The ChangeGrid™ reveals the likelihood that someone will actually do what needs to be done without any outside support or guidance.

• The ChangeGrid™ is a versatile, practical and repeatable tool that works in harmony with psychometric instruments or personality tests. It can be completed online or in person.

Each ChangeGrid™ is specific to your client's important activities or challenges. It does not create a generic report.

• The ChangeGrid™ efficiently gets to the core of the client's challenge, so together, you can begin to solve their problems and set up a plan of action immediately.

• The ChangeGrid™ is a powerful marketing tool that brings customers into your business in a comfortable, professional way.

The ChangeGrid™ is used by coaches, consultants and trainers to assess individuals or groups on their current situations, their desired outcomes, needed changes and the steps to get there.

Listen to what one coach had to say:

"The ChangeGrid&trade is a profoundly simple assessment tool that complements every other tool in my coaching toolbox. The ChangeGrid works - in any context and circumstance, where change is desired."
-Bob DeMers, President, Coaching Works, Charlotte, N.C."

In this 60-minute, fast
-paced webinar, you'll discover how the ChangeGrid&trade:

  • Makes it easier to attract qualified prospects and market your services

  • Will enhance your complimentary consultations with prospects and increase your closing ratios

  • Is unique from other assessments and psychometric tools,

  • Provides a powerful point of competitive distinction

  • Will help you make more money in working with individuals, executives and organizations (we'll show you specific examples and case studies of how we use it!)

  • Can be applied to get straight to the core of your client's situation

  • And lots more
You'll also learn how to be certified, add the ChangeGrid&trade to your tool kit and open doors to deeper client relationships, bigger contracts and more opportunities than you ever thought possible.


About the Presenters:

David C. Miller, PCC, LCC, CCT

David C. Miller is the founder and CEO of Business Growth Strategies. He is an internationally-recognized human development expert specializing in sales, leadership and change management. With over 20 years of business experience, working in corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial environments, Dave helps consultants, coaches, business owners and sales professionals attract more prospects, convert more clients, obtain larger engagements and generate higher revenues.

Dave is a Licensed ChangeWorks Certifier and Trainer.

John West Hadley

John Hadley is founder of John Hadley Associates.  He teaches job seekers internationally strategies and skills that enable them to tap into the 'hidden' job market and find the best jobs now. He also works with professionals struggling to achieve the visibility that leads to great new opportunities at work or in the market. John has helped hundreds of clients land the job and pay they deserve.


John is a Certfied ChangeWorks Practitioner.




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Here is what other Coaches had to say:

"I had been looking for something new to bring to my corporate clients, and ChangeWorks exceeded my wildest expectations. While still taking the class, I sold a ChangeGrid package to an existing client and doubled my revenue with them for that month, recovering my initial investment in the class five times over."
Patty Keenan, ACC Executive Coach - Keenan Insights Member GCA

“In just a few short months I generated over $30,000 in consulting revenue that I can attribute directly to the ChangeGrid.”
David C. Miller, PCC, CCA
President Business Growth Strategies

“Gosh, if all coaches knew this they would be wildly successful. I feel like I was given a treasure. T's leadership and understanding of business, psychology and human change is brilliant. This has given me a mega surge of energy to help my clients get results at whole new levels. If you want to help clients change – this will rock your practice!”
Jodie Charlop, NCC
Executive Coach for Business & Career Advancement PotentialMatters – Atlanta - Member GCA

"My clients told me that they are seeing results with difficult employees with in 24hours and they are calling me a miracle worker. As a result, my clients are spending more for my time which increased my income 3 times in just a few short weeks! Your clients will trust you because with the ChangeGrid you have empirical evidence. I can see immediately what to do and identify the action steps someone needs to take. Now I'm becoming an evangelist. If everybody knew the ChangeGrid what a better world this would be in life and business."
Leah Henderson MS, CCP
Leah Henderson & Associates, LLC
Member GCA